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Fibre vs VDSLUpdated a year ago

Imagine you want to send a message to your friend who lives far away. You have two options: using a super-fast airplane or a regular car.

Fibre Broadband is like the super-fast airplane. It uses special thin strands made of glass or plastic to send the message as pulses of light. These pulses of light can travel really far and very quickly, so your message can reach your friend in no time.

VDSL, on the other hand, is like the regular car. It uses copper wire to send the message. It can go faster than a regular car (regular DSL), but it can't go as fast as the super-fast airplane (fiber optic technology). Also, it can't travel as far as the airplane, so it's not as good for sending messages over long distances.

In summary, fiber optic technology is like the super-fast airplane that can send messages really quickly and over long distances. VDSL is like a faster car that can send messages faster than usual but not as fast or as far as the airplane.

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